HACOA Wooden Module Desk Set

HACOA Wooden Module Desk Set


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Slim, simple, practical in stunning design.

From the artisans of Hacoa wood company, we bring you a fun Wooden Module Desk Set. It comes with a tray, and two pencil holders. All pieces are made from rustic Ash wood.

The two pencil holders can be shifted around on the tray to create different shapes! You can make them into a long trapezoid, or combine them into a square on one side. Or, if you'd like, you could place each half on opposite sides to create a small space in between for paper clips or erasers. 

Let this desk set's whimsical personality bring joy to your office space!

Tray: W190mm (7.5in) ×D100mm (3.9in) ×H16mm (0.6in)

Pencil holders combined in a square-shape: 

W90mm (7.5in) ×D90mm (3.5in) ×H90mm (3.5in)